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Of  Light  &  Lens

Meter & Rhyme


I don't write much of this any more. When I do, it's typically in riddle form meant for D&D nerds to puzzle out. Not exactly worth posting here or anywhere else.

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You can compare yourself to other people in this world. Other people do. That hasn't always helped me break my personal record for best time.


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35 to 25

A conversation that thirty-five year old me had with twenty-five year old me. We're like besties. This is going to end up in the publication Medicine for a Nightmare. Follow the link for more info (you will leave this site).

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Family Visionary

What does it mean to have someone and still be lonely? Or do we pretend to have more than we do to alleviate the pressures of life?

An earlier version of this was included in UMN's Liminal around 300 years ago.

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Sometimes you just know. What a wonderful feeling that is when it takes the place of doubt.

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Three Haikus About Patriarchy

After I saw her read from Glory Goes and Gets Some, Emily Carter graciously accepted my request to add a favorite quote while signing my copy. These haikus are inspired by that quote.

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