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I've broken four different bones: medial malleolus, tibial plateau, clavicle, and the carpel at the base of my thumb. I've played drums in six bands that have recorded songs. I haven't had a mullet in a long time, but I have what I refer to as "Beard Day," where, at the end of spring, I invent new styles of facial hair that are so disgusting they can only be worn for a day, or until I need to carry on a conversation with my wife. She will not even look at me on these days. Once I forgot I shaved the entire left half of my face but not the right and inadvertently answered the door to speak with a PBS solicitor. He said nothing, was a complete professional. He  delivered his script and then promptly fled.

I should also mention that I graduated from the University of Minnesota with an English degree. I published two stories in the UMN publication, The Ivory Tower in back-to-back years: My Own Language and a version of Watch Our Pride Blister. There I also met Patrick W. Marsh, to whom I contributed a nonfiction column for his online publication Calamities Press. I am also excited to be a part of Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Two (check it out)! I've written versions of four novels and am excited to tune them into more enjoyable versions of themselves.

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